Commercial Divers

Our commercial diver team are all energetic and skilled divers. Commercial Diving Services Pty Ltd ensures the divers working with us have the same strong work ethic and respect for safety that the company as a whole strives for.

The dive team are not just qualified divers but also skilled trades persons with broad heavy industry experience bringing many years of expertise to the dive site. We pride ourselves on thoroughly testing divers within the team via a comprehensive induction training program for at least 3 months before offering any potential full time potion.

Additionally our divers are also trained in building and maintaining life support equipment. This approach is unique to CDS and ensures all team members have strong individual working knowledge of the commercial diving equipment they use.

Our dive supervisors are long time commercial divers that have come through the hard school of the diving industry resulting in their ability to effectively manage newly introduced divers and guide them on a safe and rewarding path in the commercial diving industry.

How To Become a Commercial Diver

We are frequently asked, “I love being in the water… how do I get into the industry?”, and “where do I start?”.

From our perspective and in respect to a ‘career’ in commercial diving we look for commercial diver certifications, trade skills, heavy industry and/or construction experience.

What many don’t seem to understand is that ‘diving’ is actually a very small portion of the job. Some people think commercial diving is a lot like recreational diving where you can see what you are doing mostly and/or choose the best times and conditions in which to dive but this is often not the case at all. Being able to work underwater in poor visibility, sometimes difficult conditions and problem solving is highly crucial.

Dive safety is very important and something we take seriously. The commercial dive schools that certify commercial divers endorsing them to work in the industry are very good at training divers in safety and understanding of the limits in the dive industry. The schools can’t teach the life long industry skills and experience that doing the work gives you.

Lastly note that the industry is largely made up of casual divers. It can be difficult obtaining full time employment as the industry is very project driven. Some companies will increase or decrease their dive crew’s depending on current and foreseeable projects.

In summary, while recreational diving might be a passion and lead you into a commercial diving career consider first if such a career is what you think it will be along with what skills other than ‘diving’ you might require or obtain to make a successful career for yourself.

Planning Your Diving Career

Try to get some on water experience with a good dive company. They won’t allow you to dive but just being on the site can still give you a good feeling as to what goes on in the daily life as a commercial diver. Speak with companies near you and ask what they are into as not all divers do the same jobs. Specialising in certain fields within the industry may be to your advantage. If you think it is for you then plan a pathway into the industry.

Trade Qualifications and Skills

Consider obtaining a qualified trade first which gives you life long skills aside from the certification to dive commercially while also providing you with complimentary skills in the work you plan to do underwater. At very least have industry experience with hands on equipment, tool operations, problem solving and good mechanical aptitude. Try to obtain other supporting training or skills such as a boat licence, forklift, crane, dogging, welding and anything else that fits the type of work your potential employers might require.

Commercial Diver Accreditation

Choose a good reputable training school for getting certified. Go for the training that fits your budget and the employment pathway you are seeking. Consider whether you want to work in-shore or offshore. For more information on certification visit Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS)