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Ship In-Water Class Surveys

Commercial Diving Services have been supplying the commercial shipping industry with approved ship in-water class surveys and hull inspections since 1985. We hold all the major class approvals for in-water class surveys and mobile offshore unit surveys including Lloyd’s, ABS and DNV-GL:

If you are a ship owner seeking a underwater hull inspection aside from a class survey please refer to Ship Underwater Hull Inspections.

What Are Ship In-Water Class Surveys

Ship In-Water Survey

A ship in-water survey is an underwater inspection of the hull and associated parts. Surveys are conducted whilst the ship is in-water rather than in dry dock (out of the water). In-water surveys are a cost effective alternative to dry docking. Class societies sometimes refer to in-water surveys as ‘Under Water Inspections in Lieu of Dry dock’ (UWILD).

Ship Class Survey

Ship class surveys are routine inspections of vessels in service. This is a requirement in order to maintain certification with relevant class society standards under which the ship is classified. Class survey inspections check the integrity and compliance of the ships hull and underwater parts for safety and seaworthiness.

Ship In-Water Class Survey Service

Our in-water class survey service is extremely professional and efficient. The approved reporting format we use is of the highest industry standard. In order to ensure your vessel is safe and sound we provide relevant parties all the required information.

Approved class certified commercial divers carry out ship in-water class surveys from our dive vessels alongside the ship. Cargo operations can continue as normal in most cases. In-water surveys require one daylight shift however night surveys are possible also if required.

Surveying Equipment

Commercial divers use handheld underwater photo and video cameras with a quality live feed to the surface. The live feed also provides two way communications between the diver and crew. Digital recording facilities capture all media at the master dive location and underwater which ensures no degradation of the original source footage. The underwater camera equipment and LED lighting technology we use are first class.

Survey Reports

The survey dive supervisor and office staff efficiently compile field data into professional reports. As a result, our office is able to complete the report package and make it available within 48 hours. This service includes access to our cloud sharing platform from which the report package can be viewed or downloaded. Clients will receive reports in a time efficient manner.

In-Water Limitations

Reasonable weather and adequate water clarity are the only limiting factors in order to carry out a successful in-water survey. In rare circumstances if extremely adverse weather conditions arise consequently the in-water survey may require rescheduling or cancellation.

Class Survey Service Summary

We have successfully completed thousands of in-water class surveys within Australia and also abroad with zero failures. Our certified personnel utilise quality equipment along with backup support equipment thus ensuring redundancy. Completion of inspections are prompt and professional therefore providing clients with a reliable service.

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