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Commercial Diving Services (CDS)

Dam Inspections and Maintenance

Commercial Diving Services Pty Ltd have extensive experience in underwater dam inspections and maintenance. We have serviced almost every New South Wales and Victorian dam since 1955 and our clients include Sydney Water, State Water, SCA, Shire Councils and Snowy Hydro. With a successful track record and no lost time we take pride in our unblemished credentials.

This extensive experience and history with the state wide catchment dams enables us to provide our clients with our unique experience and our in depth knowledge of underwater issues relating to dam inspections and maintenance of storage systems.

Some examples of our services include:

  • Dam wall survey inspection
  • Trash racks and stop logs
  • Scour valves and pen-stocks
  • Submerged outlet structures
  • ROV structure and internal pipe inspections
  • Diver operated underwater video inspection
  • NDT inspections (Ultrasonic and MPI)

The dam locations being remote require expertise of portable delivery and on road transport of our commercial diving systems and support equipment including backup equipment to ensure continuity of service in such remote areas. With our 24 hour emergency services we are always ready for rapid deployment and our modular diving systems are specifically designed for such purpose. We have our own road transport for all of our equipment.

Pre-planning prior to job mobilisation is our speciality and we strive to arrive on-site with all of the required equipment that has been pre-determined based on diligent client liaisons prior to dive equipment and personnel mobilisation to site.

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