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Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Commercial Diving Services Pty Ltd operate high quality underwater remote operated vehicles (ROV) for a range of services including inspections and salvage. Underwater ROV’s are small, portable and rapidly deploy-able.

We have extensive operational expertise in ROV systems having owned and operated various systems since 1980. ROV systems compliment our commercial diver operations and perform diver-less operations where suitable or the only option possible.

The ROV systems we use feature fibre optic back to base digital transmission. They are rated for use up to 250 metres deep and distance. All ROV inspections are backed up with a ‘turn key’ spare vehicle on site. Multiple cameras and custom attachments can be added to our ROV’s in order to achieve the task at hand.

Remote operated vehicles are often used for:

  • Cost effective surveys of hull’s and underwater structures where depth or safety is a factor.
  • Oil, gas and other pipeline structures where confined spaces or hazards are factors.
  • Inspection of sewerage and mining outfalls.
  • Ship anchor recovery and salvage.
  • Offshore environmental surveys.
  • Offshore riser and moorings for FPSTO systems.

Remote operated vehicles and other technology provides the commercial diving and related industry more options for achieving tasks efficiently and cost effectively. We use our experience and engineering skills in conjunction with ROV’s to enhance services for our clients.

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