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Commercial Diving Services (CDS)

Commercial Deep Diving

We provide experienced certified divers and crews capable of commercial deep diving in various locations. We own and operate a portable decompression chamber which can be deployed onsite if required for deep diving operations.

Our ROV – Remote Operated Vehicles are also able to conduct deep water tasks for totally diver-less operations. ROV’s may also be used in conjunction with commercial divers to efficiently achieve task goals.

What is Commercial Deep Diving?

Deep Diving

Deep diving generally refers to dives in greater than a specific water depth. In commercial deep diving it means dives at depths greater than 30m. In Australia a higher level of occupational diver certification is required for diving at depths between 30m-50m and beyond. Diving and more critically deep diving is a technical balancing act of depth, time intervals at any given depth, air or gas mixes, resurfacing decompression stops and surface intervals. The risks of not getting it all right are nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness (also known as the bends).

Decompression Chamber

A decompression chamber or hyperbaric chamber artificially simulates pressures allowing divers to decompress post dive if required or in case of emergencies.

Commercial Deep Diving Services

We have extensive operational experience in carrying out commercial deep water services throughout the industry. Specialised industry standard diving systems are used by commercial diving services, such as Kirby Morgan diving helmets, which are considered the international benchmark for operational safety.

Typical locations where commercial diving services have safely deployed dive crews with decompression chamber backup are:

We own and operate a fully certified twin lock portable decompression chamber which can be rapidly deployed to many different onshore locations.

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