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Floating Silt and Oil Booms

Commercial Diving Services provides and maintains floating silt and oil booms for industry working in or near the marine environment. We have significant experience in the deployment of silt curtains and oil booms with a variety of work vessels and barges to carry out the work.

Siltation Curtains and Oil Booms

CDS has a long standing history in the field of manufacturing, supply and installation of quality siltation curtains and oil booms. We have the experience and application knowledge to supply you with the appropriate equipment for your requirements.

  • Supply and installation by competent team
  • High quality portable booms
  • Varying depth from 1m to 20m deep
  • Varying length from 10m to 1km long

Our extreme duty floating sediment curtain systems, oil booms and engineered geo-textile products are purpose designed to meet both your and the environments demanding needs.

Our primary products include the floating sediment/silt curtains, piling and drilling shrouds and oil booms for conditions ranging from enclosed calm waters to open ocean.

With our extensive field equipment capability we are able to provide a comprehensive support service for major marine construction projects ranging from environmental control system design and installation, floating plants, dredge pipe handling (shore and marine), rock burial, anchor handling, standby vessel services, surveys and and crew change vessels.

Our contractor’s curtain is a competitively priced system primarily designed for sheltered water use. It is robust and exceeds many other heavy application products. Usually configured in 15m (45′) lengths and available off the shelf in 0.5m, 1.0m and 2.0m skirt configurations with each length of curtain able to be connected together seamlessly to create your desired length.

Silt booms are a good choice for controlling settling of silt suspended in the water and prevent it from passing underneath and spreading throughout the water way. Containment booms are an impervious barrier designed to deflect or contain spills or floating debris. foam floatation chamber and a continuous skirt below the surface, ballasted skirt, these booms perform very well in rough weather and can be used for short or long term deployment in harbours, rivers, ponds, dams and other open waterways. Suitable for the use in marine dredging, excavation, piling operations, rock walling and other construction activities.

Our silt curtains and oil booms are used to:

  • Control of sedimentation on water based (or adjacent) construction operations
  • Control of sediment both from dredging operations and from dredge deposition
  • Mine tailing dams to reduce the amount of suspended solids at decants
  • Pre-filtering of potable waters to remove leaf litter and fire debris (ash)
  • Control of toxic algae
  • Control of aquatic plants
  • Screen of large solids in effluent treatment ponds
  • Mine tailing overflow screening
  • Enclosure / surrounding of ships, barges and other potential spill areas
  • Marine salvage operations

CDS has available an extensive equipment range and personnel resources capable of supporting not only our product installation but also providing a comprehensive support service for project related dredging, reclamation and marine construction activities. This includes:

  • In house workshop and field based metal fabrication to fabricate installation components
  • Tender vessels (work boats)
  • Road transportable 12m Composite barges for major construction support on inland water-bodies
  • Dedicated crew change survey vessels
  • Skid and trailer mounted air compressors, generators and pumps
  • Our vessels are built to survey standard and are equipped with GPS sounder MF equipment
  • Pile jetting and driving equipment for the installation of permanent curtain mooring systems

We routinely provide support in the following areas:

  • Submerged and floating pipeline recovery and deployment
  • Buoy laying and recovery
  • Installation and management of construction exclusion zones
  • Anchor handling
  • Dredge repair support services
  • Crew transfer and survey support services

Equipment Hire Enquiry

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