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Underwater Pressure Blasting

High Pressure Water Blasting

Underwater high pressure water blasting is a very effective means of cleaning and removing fouling or scale from underwater structures. Typically used as preliminary works prior to visual or photographic inspections of such structures (essentially cleaning surfaces in order to be able to clearly see all parts of the item).

The issues to consider if a structure should be high pressure water blast cleaned even though the cleaning process is very efficient and effective. Water blasting is successful on materials such as concrete and steel structures.

In some cases there may be environmental considerations such as creating water turbidity which may require containment within a mobile siltation curtain. Also another consideration may be regarding the power of the high pressure water being strong enough to remove the marine growth or scale that it may also be so powerful that it may have a detrimental effect on the structure itself. For example, if the structure is concrete care needs to be taken in order to not damage to concrete or in the case of timber even more care applies.

Pressure delivery to the blaster head can be rapidly increased or decreased by the operators to reduce or eliminate any potential risk of damage to the structure. The diver underwater always has full time communication with the surface to manage such risks.

The water blasting system operates through a mobile pump delivery system which draws water from the location of works thus making this cleaning system extremely lightweight and portable.

Examples of structures commonly cleaned using underwater pressure blasting are:

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