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Ship Underwater Hull Inspections

Our class certified commercial divers and crews have extensive experience in conducting ship underwater hull inspections for all types of commercial vessels. Ships owners can choose either complete hull inspections, similar to our in-water class surveys, or customise the underwater inspection to suit their individual requirements.

What Are Ship Underwater Hull Inspections

Ship underwater hull inspections determine the integrity, paint condition, marine fouling, damage and maintenance required to the hull and associated parts. Inspections can be a complete assessment of the whole hull or for specific parts only. Commercial divers (or alternatively remote operated vehicles) conduct inspections whilst the ship is in-water.

Ship Underwater Hull Inspection Service

Underwater hull inspections include the condition of the hull for marine fouling and the resulting anti-fouling paint condition. Damage from grounding or to the propeller caused from impact or cavitation erosion can be visually determined. Monitoring of the cathodic or anode system which if deteriorating can result in significant shell plate corrosion is another feature. Other benefits are to determine cleanliness of sea suction gratings and emergency fire pump suction. We also check the integrity of rudder and pintel stock system which otherwise may display cracking.

Hull Inspection Equipment

We use the highest quality underwater photo and video camera systems including professional underwater LED lighting technology in order to provide quality results. Live media feeds transmitted to the surface provide real time monitoring and recording. Photos captured during the inspection and can be downloaded onto the ship’s computer for immediate viewing.

Hull Reports

We have developed professional custom reports formulated from over many years in the industry. Specifically designed reports give vessel owners the most accurate information on the current condition of hull areas.

Hull Inspection Service Summary

Commercial Diving Services have extensive experience in conducting ship underwater hull inspections. We are equipped with the ability to mobilise commercial diver crew’s all over Australia and internationally. Having successfully completed thousands of hull inspections for ship owners you can be assured of receiving a quality service.

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