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Inshore Commercial Diving Services

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We have a variety of commercial boats and vessels, road transportable modular barge systems and floating elevated work platforms enabling us to access and work on a diverse range of marine structures both above and below the waterline. Our equipment is also available for hire along with an experienced operating crew if required.
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CDS Cranes is a division of Commercial Diving Services. We operate on the east coast of Australia supplying rapid 24/7 services including crane pick and carry, crane truck hire and transport. The TIDD 25t incorporates the exclusive Slew Safe system along with dynamic load movement indicator system (LMI) providing for a safe lift every time.
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Our underwater photo and video equipment is world class. We provide inspections with reports for clients on a various submerged or semi submerged structures. Clients can monitor underwater video and audio live from the surface. Recordings and photo reports are also available for later assessment or record keeping.
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Our remote operated vehicles (ROV) are capable of depths or lengths up to 250m with back to base real time monitoring and recording. Remote operated vehicles are ideal for marine operations in high risk environments such as confined space entry and potable water reservoirs. We have pioneered ROV use in Australia since 1980.
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We have an extensive range of specialised equipment along with the experience and qualifications to achieve a variety of marine and underwater salvage operations. We always develop a pre-salvage plan with clients ensuring the right equipment and backup support is readily available on-site and the task done right first time.
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We can carry out ultrasonic double echo metal thickness gauging and MPI crack testing on various steel structures in the marine environment. NDT equipment can be used as a method to ascertain metal loss due to corrosion, for example, steel reservoir floors, non access tank floors and walls, bridge pylons, caissons and more.
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Our certified commercial divers have the experience and resources for deep diving projects in depths requiring decompression or the provision of our portable decompression chamber. Our remote operated vehicles (ROV) systems are also capable of deep water deployment either on their own or to assist operations.