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Underwater Drilling

Underwater Drilling and Grinding

We have a range of specialised underwater air and hydraulic powered drilling equipment suitable for general and specialised tasks. We have drill systems from basic hand held pistol type grip tools to custom press mounted units in both air and hydraulic.

The benefits between air and hydraulic drilling systems can briefly be described in their various portability’s. Hydraulic being the most portable and air whilst being heavier and more cumbersome, can have the advantage of reduced environmental risks from blow out which can be a benefit in environmentally locations such as fresh water drinking Dams and Reservoirs and other extremely sensitive areas which could not tolerate the associated risk of hose blow out.

We have the capability to drill into various materials such as metal, rock, reinforced concrete and timber. All of these various materials require different drilling apparatus and techniques. Fine drilling, large diameter and deep drill lengths are also our specialities.

Underwater drilling is carried out for many purposes including:

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