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Pipeline Inspections and Maintenance

Commercial Diving Services carry out underwater pipeline inspections and maintenance. We do regular inspections and installations for government and corporations.

Basically pipelines fall into the following categories:

  • Oil and gas transfer lines
  • Main pressure water lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Intake Delivery Lines for cooling water and other uses
  • Discharge lines from cooling water and other locations

We have the capability to install, maintain and repair pipelines in river’s, creek beds and ocean outfalls or intakes. A variety of techniques and equipment is utilised to carry out this work.

Pipeline inspections and maintenance have a number of commonalities in as much as they are submerged and mostly buried. The tasks at hand generally can be to detect and/or trace the direction of the pipeline and electronically determine its burial depth along with documenting any areas of uncovering which may also lead to further investigation of possible corrosion and possible NDT requirement resulting in possible remedial underwater work on the pipe like corrosion protection and re-burial or supplementary protection over the exposed area of pipe like concrete and grout mattresses for protection against scouring and other mechanical damage like anchor impact.

Other more simple tasks may relate to intake suction lines which may have leaks due to corrosion or faulty gaskets which may draw air where they are protrude above water. In these cases our tasks would be to determine where the fault is and discuss with the client a means of fixing a leak if it is found or if no leak is found often the fault may lay somewhere else possibly with the clients internal pumps and filtering system.

We have the equipment to inspect inside the pipe while it is buried. If it is of larger size we can take video and photo internal view of the pipe.

Our dredging equipment can enable us to excavate a section of the pipe to determine any corrosion issues with NDT or to replace any damaged sections of the pipe or to apply corrosion protection treatment systems.

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