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Elevated Work Platforms

Our floating elevated work platforms have been specially designed and built to cater for the inspections or maintenance of under bridges including road bridges, rail bridges and other structures that span across water ways.

Boat Mounted Floating EWP

The floating elevated work platforms have been certified and built to operate in vessels and cover working heights from 1.8m to 15m. These units enable you to gain access to the underside of any structure spanning over a water way that may require an inspection or maintenance and has the ability to manoeuvre into position very rapidly.

Each vessel of operation has been stability certified for the full operation capacity of each elevated work platform ensuring complete safety during the operation process and thus peace of mind while you are on the water.

Boat Mounted Crane Hoist

Our floating vessel mounted crane hoist is capable of lifting and shifting loads up to 1 tonne and with a reach of over 3 meters this crane is a versatile light weight work horse.

Features include full remote radio controls, a fully extendable hydraulic boom and slew system, plus a powerful electric winch system allowing loads to be winched from water depths of greater than 15m. The unit only requires a single 12 volt battery for operation with minimal noise output.

This equipment is ideal for assisting many on water tasks including working on mooring systems, navigation buoy maintenance, anode installations, salvage, wharf fender maintenance and much more.

The crane system can be mobilised onsite in our vessel and can be road transported on our boat trailer so it’s ready to launch and go straight to work with no time in setting the system up at all.

Equipment Hire Enquiry

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