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Underwater Welding

Underwater Welding (often referred to as Wet Welding) is the process of welding underwater at atmospheric pressures higher than normal. Underwater wet welding is performed directly in the water and is a cost effective solution for asset repairs.

The underwater welding systems use DC power and not the typical AC power for above water welding. All equipment is specially manufactured and waterproofed to stop water ingress into the copper welding cables. The underwater welding hand pieces and electrode is a uniquely manufactured waterproofed and also comes is various types and sizes depending on the underwater welding application.

Wet welding is typically utilised for non-structural works as the wet welding process reduces the strength or weld ductility caused during the fast heat quench by the surrounding water. The metal preparation is key to a successful weld just the same as welding on the surface. Divers must take the time to properly prepare the job before commencing the weld. This can take much greater time underwater preparing the steel surfaces as the divers must content with marine growth and rust before welding.   

Commercial Diving Services also offers above water dry welding and wet welding through our affiliate welding company. We also provide various means of underwater sealed cofferdam apparatuses and wet side support to stop and prevent water leakage thus enabling internal dry welding repairs and concrete box repair. Our non-destructive testing (NDT) that can be used to test the thickness and integrity of steel or welds underwater.

We have extensive experience in wet welding in the shipping industry for the maintenance and repair of vessel’s including bulk carriers, car carriers and all other types of commercial ships.

If conducted properly underwater welding is a safe, reliable and cost effective technique for temporary repair and construction works. Our commercial divers are experienced underwater welders. We diligently test and train with new materials and methods in our own underwater simulated training tank in order to be at the forefront of the latest technology.

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