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Underwater Cutting

Cutting, Gouging and Piercing

Underwater cutting is often referred to in the commercial diving industry as Broco Cutting. ‘Broco’ is a brand name for manufacturing and developing underwater cutting and welding systems. The cutting method can also be referred to as thermal lance cutting. The thermal lance cutting system was developed for fast and efficient means of cutting, piercing or gouging metals underwater.

Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting Systems use only industrial type bottled oxygen and approximately 150-200 amps. Ultrathermic Cutting Rod readily ignites from a spark supplied from the surface i.e. DC welder and will continue to burn with the electrical current removed until the flow of oxygen is stopped or the cutting rod is consumed. The need for expensive support equipment is reduced while at the same time a safer diving environment is maintained. The recommended oxygen working pressure of 90 psi over bottom.

The ultrathermic cutting rod produces a temperature in excess of 5,500 degrees Celsius – hot enough to quickly cut or melt through almost anything including cast iron, stainless steel, brass, other ferrous and non-ferrous metals and concrete.

Other underwater cutting techniques such as carbon arc gouging can also be very useful for controlled and fine detail gouging and cutting required in certain circumstances to reduce the risk of shell plate damage in shipping.

We provide extensive underwater cutting services and our company strives to innovate new underwater techniques that can aid in work efficiency for our clients. With our in house water simulated environment training tank we have the ability to innovate, test and enhance the skills of our experienced dive crews.

Commercial Diving Services supply underwater cutting for the marine civil construction industry, programmed maintenance, emergency repair and demolition of various water structures such as piles, bridges, wharves, jetties, pontoons or piers, and to the commercial shipping industry.

Our experience and equipment is vast in the marine service industry and mutable cutting, enabling our systems to be deployed efficiently and promptly ensuring our clients have the least down time possible.

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