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Ship Propeller Polishing

Ship propeller polishing removes marine growth from the surface of propeller blades which may significantly reduce fuel consumption. Underwater propeller polishing enhances reliability and extends maintenance cycles of vessels. Propeller polishing is permissible in Australian ports and harbours providing the requirements of the ANZECC Code of Practice is adhered to.

The process is typically conducted within a 12 hour period while the vessel is at berth loading or discharging. Research has shown that the adoption of a propeller polishing routine generates significant savings. For example, it is typically believed that proper propeller maintenance should result in fuel savings per year of at least 10% depending on vessel activity and extent of layups.

Underwater Propeller Polishing

Commercial Diving Services use the Scotchbrite 3M propeller polishing system with pad grains 3 and 5 to achieve a high quality mirror like finish (where propeller casting allows). Our hydraulic underwater polishing equipment is of world class standard. Clients consistently advise us after service of the immediate recognisable fuel savings as a result of our underwater propeller service.

Photographic Update of Aft End

Before and after photos of our underwater polishing service are always provided. Inclusive with our programmed underwater propeller polishing service ship owners can view colour photos and reports of the below list and more at clients request:

  • Propeller
  • Rope guard
  • Rudder anodes
  • Aft end paint condition
  • Visual anomalies
  • Cavitation evaluation

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