Potable Water Reservoir Inspections

Potable Water Reservoir Inspection

Potable water reservoir inspections and maintenance utilising specialised commercial diver decontamination suits and remote operated vehicle hygiene systems.

Asset Inspections and Maintenance

Inshore Asset Inspection and Maintenance

Underwater asset inspections and maintenance for civil infrastructure, power stations, energy sectors, industry cooling systems, channels and turbines.

Dam Inspections and Maintenance

Dam Inspection and Maintenance

Dam inspections and maintenance including wall surveys, trash racks, stop logs, scour valves, pen-stocks, outlets, pipelines and non destructive testing.

Wharf Inspections and Maintenance

Wharf Inspection and Maintenance

Wharf, jetty, mooring and other marine asset inspections, maintenance and construction. We are pile wrapping and CP specialists plus authorised Denso applicators.

Bridge Inspections and Maintenance

Bridge Inspections and Maintenance

Underwater or under bridge inspections and maintenance with specialised equipment such as floating elevated work platforms, commercial divers and ROV.