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65 Years Anniversary Update


The DNA of our present company Commercial Diving Services Pty Ltd began 65 years ago when my father Neil William Johnson turned his love of the undersea world and his carpentry skills into a commercial career pioneering the underwater inspection and maintenance industry.

Neil worked on various structures and assets relating to ports, dams, power stations and hydro, road and rail bridges, mining, offshore structures, shipping and salvage. Dad saw and took the opportunity to utilise newly invented light weight flexible wet suit diving Demand Valve Breathing Systems which became a quantum leap from the cumbersome Traditional Standard Dress heavy helmet diving systems.

Dad persisted into his new watery world career with extreme dedication and dare resulting in many cases of him teaching himself the new found underwater skills necessary to survive and improve his skill sets. He efficiently and safely completed numerous tasks to the satisfaction of a growing list of clients. His growing crew of professional divers worked hard to earn the reputation of safety and reliability in the industry successfully completing a diverse range underwater jobs.

My name is Keith Johnson. The only career I ever wanted was to join my father in 1970. I began my career in commercial diving to assist my father in the undertaking of his expanding list of challenging underwater duties. I became the 2nd generation of Johnson divers to continue the quest of providing safe and efficient underwater services to our Australian and global clients.

Neil retired in 1989 with the reins and Managing Director title handed over to myself and my wife Kerrie Johnson as Director/Secretary. Our son Timothy Johnson also joined our company 20 years ago. Tim carries the banner of 3rd generation of Johnson divers and is our Chief Operating Officer. Our daughter Kristy is our Operations Coordinator. I am very proud to continue today in 2020. 65 years of challenging unbroken Johnson diver lineage along with our dedicated and very skilful crews and supporting staff continually striving for excellence and safety.

Without doubt I am absolutely certain that my father Neil William Johnson would be extremely proud to know that the legacy of his vision and hard work live on through his name to this date and continuing into the future.

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