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CDS is proud to announce the launch of ‘CDS Cranes’ a division of Commercial Diving Services. Our teams approach to enter this market was discussed in detail covering great attention to safety, training and quality equipment to ensure we provide the high level of service that our clients have grown accustomed to.

Our extensive research brought us to acquire the safest articulating crane on the market the TIDD 25t. Operating with their exclusive SLEW SAFE system. providing assurance to our customers for a safe lift every time. to top it off with a full automatic fire suppression system fully compliant for underground tunnel operation.

We have invested a great deal into the expansion of mobile pick and carry crane services and safety is understandably a massive concern in our industry. Some clients have reservations about articulated pick and carry cranes. We strive to achieve the highest safety levels and we feel confident TRT – the manufacturer of the TIDD 25t articulated pick and carry crane – has designed a great product in ‘Slew Safe’.

Our commitment is to ensure a high level of detail spanning across training, experience, industry competencies, safety and quality equipment. The team of trained operators and dogman are very well versed in the high risk industry operations operating daily in the marine sector where safety and quality service is paramount to each and every project.

CDS is proud to be a recognised accredited member of CICA (The Crane Industry Council of Australia). Our customers can expect a true high level of safety and equipment detail on every deployment.

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