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Commercial Diving Simulated Rescue Drills


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

At Commercial Diving Services we are committed to personal development for our teams and are constantly striving for excellence and safety. A defining part of this commitment to our crews and clients is our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes. CDS provides the opportunities for our team to engage in proactive learning, enhancing abilities and developing conscious skills and techniques as opposed to passive knowledge and reactive experiences.

We regularly conduct hands on enhanced learning exercises which include diving, equipment and trade skills along with site and safety drills. While we are proud of our reputation in the commercial diving and related industries as well as our impeccable safety records, we maintain focus to never ‘rest on laurels’ by always seeking the latest knowledge, advancements and experience.

The simulated training exercises shown in this video of ‘diving rescue safety drills’ gives an insight into just one of the behind-the-scenes activities we undertake to achieve these goals. On this occasion, our team in conjunction with support from local Port Authorities, simulated multiple cases of ‘diver rescue techniques’ to enhance performance within our team embedding conscious experience to achieve best outcomes in any such situations should they ever arise throughout careers.

The drills conducted on this planned occasion included:

  • Recovery of an unconscious diver,
  • Recovery of an injured diver,
  • Recovery of diver due to contaminated air supply,
  • Recovery of diver after shark sighting.

In the case of safety such as the diver recovery simulation drills shown in the video every second counts. Refining or implementing a technique to reduce reaction time and increase performance makes a big difference – not to mention the instinctive experience this training provides to allow our teams to act on notice and not pause in any given moment.

Whether it be perfecting underwater service techniques, enhancing site equipment with focus on efficiency and project delivery, effective communication, or safety among many other areas of expertise – having that professional edge is critical to success and assurance.

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